What are the Top 10 WordPress Web Development Trends For 2020

What are the Top 10 WordPress Web Development Trends

To provide more and more remarkable websites and web experience to your customers, business owners need to remain in compliance to current web development trends. Following is a list of all the current web development trends that you need to keep your eyes on:


• Artificial Intelligence-

Artificial Intelligence

AI is giving the world a completely new outlook on the web development industry. Large and small industries and businesses have been hugely impacted by the AI technology and have been gaining importance among the web development trends. Predictions reveal that web development and design will increase by around 30 percent.

Large scale businesses are spending a huge part of their revenue on AI technology in the current year. AI enables automation in analyzing user behavior based on previous transactions and purchase patterns. Businesses are relying on web development company to take care of this.

• E-commerce-

Within an increase in the popularity of businesses going online, eCommerce is becoming almost unavoidable in web development and its configuration process. Creating a commercially prepared platform makes it easy for you to combine with diverse commercial networks and settings, extensions, and plugins. The SKT authorized responsive WordPress themes please your e-commerce solutions with mobile shopping, tailored buying, payment-based services.

• Mobile responsive-

Mobile responsive

Cross mobile and browser well-matched web coding have been contemporary for quite a while now. A mobile-first approach for building websites and blogs if a must in 2020. This aims at the figures showing the consumption of mobile internet that has reduced the usage of desktops.

Hence, as a business owner, you have to focus on the mainstream internet users by providing them with a mobile-responsive approach. Since Google is ranking mobile responsive websites higher than the others, businesses are focusing more on developing mobile-friendly websites.

• Neural Network-

Neural Network in AI is known as Artificial Neutral Network that gives developers a variety of deep learning in technology. Neural Network is a commercial application in the industry of web development that provides support with complex problem-solving like for example user pattern recognition issues, issues with signal processing, and a lot more.

Neural Network works in a large number of processing that is operating in parallel tires. Every tire comes with its successive method of preceding the output. When you have an output, an output of the system is produced and this is the job of the last tire on ANN.

• Video Headers-

Video content will keep succeeding in the virtual authenticity in the near future as it is now. The addition of video content is one of the most well-established WordPress web development trends for 2020, which is going to take over a remarkable volume of sites and digital presentations. You will get several easy-to-use and customized video headers, video sliders, and video backgrounds that you can choose from. You will also find WordPress plugin development that will help you organize the video content on your site in case your default template does not offer these functionalities.

• Chatbots-


Chatbots are short forms for chatterbots which is a computer program that enables a conversation between humans and devices via voice commands and text chat boxes and sometimes both. The current web development trends make Chatbots stronger. A few examples of powerful chat/ virtual assistants would include Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Google Assistant, etc. that are super developed Chatbots already and the trends are only making them stronger. Since chatbots are not limited to time or physical location, communication with customers at any time in from any time zone becomes easier.

Chatbots are still limited to only providing answers to a few predetermined sets of questions. But when thinking of the future of WordPress Web Development, we can expect an increase in vocabulary and question sets that can be easily responded to and solved by Chatbots.

• Motion UI-

Motion UI designs enable web developers to use amazing design interfaces with great motion and graphics. Motion UI plays an important role in increasing followers and customers, along with providing easy navigation that is in compliance with the current Web Design and Development trends. Good websites are created with perfect combinations of colors, fonts, icons, space, and great motions.

Motion UI is a significant part of the current Web Development Trends, besides Motion design itself is a huge trend bringing digital products to life. Moreover, motion UI helps you tell a story in a more comprehensible and attractive manner.

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• Blockchain-

Study blockchain is becoming more popular and is very soon going to reach new heights in terms of the future of WordPress Web Development. The newly popular blockchain technology is an open ledger and distributed. The blockchain technology provides robust and reliable security for its designs, along with decentralization. It also modifies blocks resistance. With the help of blockchain technology, financial organizations to keep customers and bank data secure with a strong algorithm.

Users get transparency in transactions made and the cash flow is significantly improved with safe online transactions. You can also store data worldwide in several locations.

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• Content will always be king-

Websites of the same industry selling similar products and services often follow the same pattern of design and site structure with a few alterations, varied levels of optimization, SMO integration, and more. This is where content plays the most significant role. High quality, meaningful, useful, and original content supported by high-quality images plays a very significant role in strengthening the digital presence of your business.

Content is the only differentiating factor among similarly structures websites is the content. Hence, the content has always been the king and it will remain so. You can hire a WordPress Web Development company for keeping your site in compliance with the current web development trends.

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