Top 10 Tools You Must Use in your AngularJS Development Project

What are the Top 10 Tools You Must Use in your AngularJS Development Project?

AngularJS is a highly dynamic, JavaScript-based MVC structure undertaken by Google. This open-source system helps developers make dynamic applications while building a single-page application. The framework helps Web and versatile application developers and designers for meeting their business needs.

The vast community and support from Google bring some amazing AngularJS tools for creating top-grade web applications. Also, you can hire dedicated AngularJS programmers in India at affordable packages.

Top 10 Tools You Must Use in your AngularJS Development Project

Following is a list of the top 10 tools that you can use In your AngularJS Development Project:


1. Karma-

Testing is a very vital factor in the app development cycle and it offers the best environment for JavaScript frameworks. Karma is a test runner for testing your website and applications on various types of devices. The various types of testing undertaken by this tool include unit testing, midway testing, and E2E testing. You can simulate your app in different browsers and mobile with Karma.

2. Jasmine-

Jasmine is another testing framework that works along with Karma. Jasmine is a behavior-driven development JavaScript framework, and you can also enable test-driven development too. It checks and detects JavaScript classes and frameworks automatically for figuring out the unmonitored code and inform us.

3. Protractor-

The protractor offers end-to-end testing solutions for Angular and AngularJS apps. It is built on top of WebDriverJS by default, enabling developers to test applications in real browsers. It is designed to interact with your application like a real user.

4. Webstorm-

Webstorm is a smart code editor popular in the Angular community as the best text editor, compatible with CSS, HTML, Node.js, and JavaScript, supporting all modern technologies.

5. Sublime Text-

Coding is a tiring job, but the benefit with Sublime text is that you can reduce the burden with coding. AngularJS demands extensive coding, and this tool makes coding easier than other tools. Hence, it reduces time of development and enhances the productivity of the developer.

6. Angular UI-

Every app development project requires delivering of excellent performance and have a specific deadline by which you need to get it done. The speed depends on the Angular UI while maintaining the quality of your app. Angular UI makes your task easier and faster owing to its integration with the bootstrap directives like UI router, UI map, UI calendar.

7. Mocha.js-

Mocha.js depends on the Node.js framework and feature-rich JavaScript framework that helps in unit testing. It allows asynchronous testing making things highly flexible and simple. Accurate mapping and reporting enable Mocha.js.


Developers take help of when @mentions and macros gadget depending on AngularJS, without any conditions on jQuery. You can use on any element, accepting selectable text inputs. The jQuery independence of makes it more flexible.

9. Generator Angular-

Generator Angular fits with all the essential boiler points focusing on the app-building procedure. With the help of the Generator Angular tool, you will have the option to set up an undertaking immediately with reasonable defaults.

10. Djangular-

Djangular produces reusable apps with enhanced integration in AngularJS. You will find some difficulty when it concerns the development of the content of the app. Djangular can solve this issue allowing you to create AngularJS content for your app or you can hire dedicated developers for this.

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