What Are The Link Building Strategies Trending in 2020?

What Are The Link Building Strategies Trending in 2020?

Link Building Campaigns have become the most organic method to bring traffic to your site and increase your website ranking on the search results page. Fraudulent link purchasing activities are a big no-no. It harms your ranking. You will find digital marketing services for hire that will do it for you in the right way.

Link building can be done in a clear manner, without adopting such unethical measures. You just need to get familiar with most link building terms. They are several types of link building strategies.
This article will bring awareness about effective and ethical link building strategies that will help you a lot in 2020.

What Are The Link Building Strategies Trending in 2020

1. Reverse Guest Post-

This is one of the most advanced link building strategies. Instead of writing guest posts on other blogs, you can invite prominent bloggers to guest post on your own blog. This strategy works both ways, because almost every expert blogger would grab any chance to promote themselves. With great content and a decent audience, this is not likely to be a difficult pitch for you to make.
Make sure that your guest blogger does not write on topics that you have already written about. This could lead you to be penalized for keyword cannibalization.

For maximizing reverse guest posting, avoid direct links back where you post a guest post on your site and other party posts on theirs.

2. LIS Method-

Most of us make the mistake of focusing more on getting links, than publishing content that is more in-depth and longer. Long sales letters make readers think that the product being promoted offers a lot more than what it may seem to offer at face value.

The same works for the content that you develop for the Internet. No one is likely to be interested to link to a page that does not have sufficient content, say, maybe below 500 words.

Hence, if you put more efforts into making your content longer, you will see that your page is getting more backlinks than they usually get. You can also look for the best digital marketing agency in India to do it for you.

3. Broken Links-

Scour the Internet to locate your favorite industry blogs for broken links. If you find any, send an email to the site-owner/ blog-owner, informing them of the broken link in their post.

While doing so, you can use the opportunity to communicate your intention to offer help, since you have a post on the same genre.

Extensions like Check My Links or Domain Hunter helps you accelerate your search process. It will help you build your backlink profile as effectively as any other campaign.

4. Industry Influencers-

This strategy helps you achieve your SERP ranking goals. You can easily find blog posts referring to more popular influencers. Everyone likes it when one writes good things about them. And, they will definitely want to share those words of praise with their audience. This will generate more backlinks for your site, giving you access to fresh traffic and a fresh audience.

You must be creative with way you get about it, so that search engines do not flag it. Keep it relevant to what you represent as a brand. Be tactical and objective, without compromising on your own standards when you patronize industry influencers.

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5. Infographics-

The one thing that we all lack the most in the 21st century is Time! We neither have the time nor the patience to sit and read a 3000-word content, when we know that the entire information could be conveyed in just a meaningful infographic.

Infographics appeal to your audience and are visually stimulating. Even psychologists and educationists recommend infographics as a medium of instruction and for holding the attention of the readers.

Infographics are likely to be shared three times more than any other type of content. Optimized infographics can be a great source for backlinks to your website.

6. Authority Transfer-

The Authority Transfer Technique is really effective when used to deliver page rank to your SEO-optimized content. There are SEO companies in India who can do it for you. But you can do it for yourself as well!

Find out which of your pages have already existing backlinks. You could use tools like Ahrefs to speed up and ease out the search. Now add internal links and make sure that it only targets pages you want to rank for, keeping in mind that they have to be on a relevant topic. You can use a direct match with these internal links.

Every time that you create an SEO-driven page, this technique will leverage it on existing authority to give your post the boost you need to rank higher.

7. Guest Blogging-

Guest Blogging is a great opportunity for you to build healthy links, allowing you to appeal to a broader range of audiences using a platform that is bigger and more industry-specific. It will help you build up your backlinks and boost your SERP rankings.

Hence, start prospecting for sites that you are interested to blog on and post the content that will enable you to build more backlinks that are important for the growth of your brand.

8. Creativity and Humor-

As a site owner/ blogger, you must learn to harness the power of creativity and humor in the content that you post. The present world is driven by entertainment and hence, you can never understate the power of humor.

Harness it and use it to your advantage. When people find something amusing, something to laugh about, something that can make them crack up, they will definitely want to share it among friends, with acquaintances, or over the social media platforms. This will help a great deal in your link building campaign.

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With the arrival of 2020, we are coming across quite a few fast-changing scenarios. And, with the changing scenarios, you have to update your strategies. The above-mentioned link building techniques 2020 are surely going to help you in your link-building campaign, in this New Year!

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