Tips to Enhance Your Website Design to Get More Sales

Tips to Enhance Your Website Design to Get More Sales

The primary purpose behind building a website for your business is to ultimately make more conversions. It is not only about driving huge traffic to your website. It is about driving a higher number of leads converting into your real customers.

If you notice that the conversion rate that you receive from your website does not match up to the amount of traffic you get on your website, then you must know that there are significant changes that you will need to make to your website.

Since the ultimate goal of having a website is to generate more sales, you have to make your website equipped enough to achieve that goal. A web design and development company can help you achieve the same.

The following tips on website optimization and enhancement will be helpful for you to know what exactly you need to do o your website for boosting your sales.

1. Videos on Key Conversion Pages:

Put in a video on your landing page. Video content on landing pages has the potential to increase conversion by as high as 80 percent. Videos increase the number of times your consumers or potential customers engage with your website and this allows them to know more about your products/ services. The familiarity of your customers with your brand increases.

1. Videos on Key Conversion Pages

The video marketing statistics show a higher consumer preference for online videos. This is mainly because the human brain processes visual information faster. Hence, they are more likely to watch an explanatory video on your website and reading through a lengthy piece of text content.

If you want to hold the attention of your visitors for longer and generate more conversions, you have to hold them long enough to make a purchase decision, and that is best possible by including an attractive, catchy, and informative video on your landing page.

Surveys reveal that out of every 10 users, 8 users decide to make a purchase after watching video content on the website. Also, 96 percent of users choose to play videos to get more information about a specific product or service, than reading through explanatory texts.

2. Catchy, Meaningful, and Relevant Content


2. Catchy, Meaningful, and Relevant Content:

If your main aim is to convert the maximum number of your leads, you have to make sure to create relevant content that your target audience finds informative, meaningful, and useful.

You will have to spend a sufficient amount of time to do some research on your target market and understand their needs and what exactly they are looking for, and then create content that can meaningfully address their needs.

You can use effective tools like Google Trends to keep track of what kind of information your potential customers are looking for on various search engines.

You can also start an interactive blog for sharing relevant content that grabs the attention of your visitors/ viewers. Statistics reveal that brands or websites with active blogs generate 55 percent more sales than the site that don’t have a blog.

Hence, interactive blogging is also a great option for you to implement to generate more sales. Make sure to make relevant and timely blog posts so that it can make a positive impact on your conversion rates. You could also use a few Website Designing tips to structure your content perfectly on your website.

repurpose old content

3. Repurpose Old Content:

Search your archives and try locating content that has generated significantly huge consumer engagement and conversions when published earlier. Use such content and repurpose it to generate more ROI.

There are several businesses that do not give much importance to repurposing old and most successful content while revamping their website. There are several ways to repurpose your old blogs into different media formats.

You can transform your old articles, videos, or infographic content into webinars or podcasts. You can use catchy quotes from your blog or podcast and use them for captions to your Instagram image posts. You can also update older posts to maintain their relevancy to your readers. You can also share an old successful content to post on various media channels.

4. Mobile-friendly Content:

Most consumers in the current digital age use smartphones more than they use desktops. The number of customers searching your website on tablets and smartphones is significantly more than the number of customers who are searching for you via desktops.

Research says that two-thirds of all online purchases come from smartphones. Hence, if you strongly intend to drive more sales through your website, you need to optimize your content and your website for mobile devices.

You have to take the average mobile screen sizes and modes of navigation into consideration to build a perfectly mobile-friendly website. You need to keep your texts simple and give importance to direct links and buttons that direct your potential customers to the most important pages on your website.

The page loading speed also needs to be fast because consumers hate waiting. Also, try keeping a highly intuitive interface for your website to grab the viewers’ attention. Use all the tips and tricks to improve User Experience on mobiles.

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5. Make use of Social Media Platforms:

More than 45 percent of the world’s population is actively using social media and numbers are only growing. Hence, it is important that you market and promote your content on various social media platforms, especially the most popular ones that would include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

This will help you expand your customer reach and turn more leads into successful conversions. Make the fullest and best use of all the social media platforms that are in alignment to your products and/ or your services.

If your product is significantly visually driven, Instagram is the right social media platform for you to promote and advertise your product. If you give more importance t your video content, YouTube will be the best platform for you.

Include a ‘buy-button’ to help generate more sales and make sure that it can create an automatic link back to your company website. Also try to engage popular social media influencers so that you can get their follower base to visit your site, increasing traffic for your website. Make the fullest use of the trending live video option on social media channels.

6. Address questions and problems:

Another useful method to generate more sales from your website is to address any questions or problems that have not been addressed within your content. It is more important that you focus on keeping up with your customers, instead of trying to keep up with your competitors.

Never make the mistake of resting on the assumptions that your website visitors already know the answers to the questions that you have not addressed in your site content.

They may still have doubts and questions even if they are the simplest ones. Provide your visitors with easy access to your content. Go through your site and take time to identify and study the questions you have not yet addressed, and take them up to provide useful solutions. This makes your site more user-friendly and is likely to increase your conversion rates.

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7. Call to Action Button:

A CTA on your website encourages your visitors to take the next step towards making a purchase from you. It can be an add to cart button or a button to read a blog post, subscribe, sign-up, fill out a form, etc. Using generic CTA buttons is not of many advantages to your site anymore.

Try getting innovative with your CTAs and come up with one that will compel the users to take the next step, giving you improved conversion rates. A UI and UX development company in India can help you with the most accurate and useful positioning of your CTAs.

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