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The Top Must-have Features For Your Restaurant App in 2020

The Top Must-have Features For Your Restaurant App in 2020

Every one out of four consumers have the least of one restaurant app on their smartphones. More and more restaurant owners are looking to get a restaurant app developed for their businesses to survive in this competitive market. To get an app made for you professionally, you will need to hire a Restaurant Mobile App development company in India.

A restaurant will bring you growth and improvements in terms of registrations, customer loyalty, brand perception, customer engagement, customer retention, and new customer acquisition.

Following is a detailed list of features that you must include to build a successful restaurant app for your food business.

1. Mobile Payments along with POS Integration-

Placing orders on mobiles and mobile payments are a good way to understand your customers’ purchase behavior and patterns. Customers find mobile ordering highly convenient.

For the customers who are still comfortable with making physical payment transactions, you may integrate Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems into a restaurant app or loyalty program for tracking their spending patterns.

More and More restaurant apps are being integrated with POS hardware via scanners, i.e. a QR code on a page within the application. You need to get your customers adapted with this behavior of having to produce the app to scan.

2. Mobile Loyalty Program-

Loyalty programs are a common and widespread thing in the restaurant business. 41% of the customers expect a loyalty programs or reward programs at food restaurants.

Hence, you will need to give due importance to loyalty programs in your mobile app. These will help you increase your ROI.

The main advantage is the collection of huge volumes of customer information that these loyalty programs can provide. It helps you get valuable insights into customer behavior and identify opportunities. When you integrate your loyalty program with various social networks and your POS system, you get access to much more insights.

Loyalty programs in your app features help you personalize the customer experience and generate quick performance reports. If you make small optimizations to your loyalty program, you can facilitate significant improvements in your revenue and ROI.

3. Online Orders-

The demand for online ordering features in restaurant apps is significantly high. Technological advancements and changes in customer behavior are the causes behind the hike in the demand for this feature.

Research says that consumers do not like to make several phone calls. They like and enjoy the convenience of having to click on only a few options on an app and get the work done. Food delivery app features are a success with customers.

4. Push Notifications-

Push notifications are a crucial feature for any mobile app. You have to maintain a suite of sophisticated and strategically constructed push notifications.

Add personalization to your push notifications to make them more relevant to the customers. Address the users by their names, and send the notifications at an appropriate time.

If you integrate your loyalty program, social data, and payment data, you can find out what products/ dishes/ cuisines you the customer is interested in and you can deliver push notifications about that dish.

You just need to put in efforts to know your customers inside out and notify them about things they want. Implement progressive profiling with your customers.

5. Advocacy Rewards-

Advocacy or referral rewards are a comparatively newer app feature than the aforementioned ones. Mostly, they have been used for B2B businesses where the number of transactions is lesser than in B2C businesses.

Word-of-mouth converts the fastest among all the various forms of promotion. Research says that marketing-induced word-of-mouth drives more than twice the sales driven by paid advertisements.
Advocacy rewards work as one form of word-of-mouth marketing that differs from natural word-of-mouth. It becomes the most cost-effective form of promotion while being highly encouraged by organizations.

6. Social Integration-

Social integration has already emerged to become a very popular feature in restaurant apps. If enables social sign-in, that helps users register with a single, convenient, and simple action. This also helps app owners collect valuable data on interests, demographics, and a lot more.

7. Customer Feedback Portal-

Customer reviews, comments, and feedback are the first things you must look into for fetching more ideas about how to optimize your app.

You need to maintain a consistent flow of reviewing the performance of your app, and you must keep looking for ways to improve and enhance your strategies to compete in your niche.

Customer-feedback portals are a highly convenient and passive method of gathering primary research data on your users. They suggest improvements and help you identify the loopholes in your app from the customer viewpoint.

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8. Customer Profiling and Segmentation-

Customer profiling helps you get a better and more thorough understanding of the behavioral patterns of your customers. Segmentation allows you to offer tailor-made rewards and push notifications to your customers.

9. Personalization-

Consumers prefer and expect personalized communication. You can determine the favorites of your customers by capturing the customer behaviors in detail and offering the customers with personalized rewards for that product.

Personalization creates the vibe of a one-to-one conversation with your customers, resulting in long-lasting relationships.


The above-mentioned features are a must-have for building a successful restaurant app in the current times. These will help you when you hire and instruct a Mobile App development company in India about the functionalities and features that you want to integrate in your restaurant app.


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