The Role of Digital Marketing in Political Campaigns

The Role of Digital Marketing in Political Campaigns

Integrated campaigning usually extracts the things adapted and learned from the digital marketing campaigns and applies the same to the political campaigns. Within a very short span of time, we can see very elaborate results when it comes to utilizing digital marketing in the political scenario. Integrated campaigns function efficiently to bring useful information to the campaigners, that they can use to reach out to more and more people.

“Computational Politics” is gradually becoming a standard operating procedure in several democratic countries. Political parties and groups are being able to take significant advantage of data-driven digital marketing techniques. The strategies, tools, technologies, and ideas employed in a political digital campaign can bring results and responses that are unimaginable. Data-driven marketing is moving towards the center of a country’s political operations, especially in India and in America.

1. Micro-targeting- Digital marketing campaigns can help political parties to reach out to every facet of their target audience and potential voters. Parties can utilize relevant messaging and highly personalized and targeted party policy announcements from multiple digital marketing and social media platforms.

This helps party-candidates to engage with the demographic groups and bring in more conversions in terms of votes. Social media platforms will help candidates to pass on their messages and build their brand based on their message. With time and repeated promotion, relevant messages will become popular and may turn into slogans and this will instigate your target voters to share their opinions as well.

SEO in Political Campaigns

2. SEO in Political Campaigns- SEO is the very soul of any digital marketing campaign and Search Engines are the platform where you can exhibit the policies, agenda, and message of your political party, along with the steps takes and plans made for public welfare.

The main goal behind implementing a digital marketing strategy into political campaigning is to appear at the top of SERPs when users search a specific keyword related to your domain. If you target the right keywords on your digital political campaign, you will engage with the right audience. Generate unique content with the right keywords so that your content is liked and shared more frequently online. It is all about spreading the word.

Communicating with the Youth

3. Communicating with the Youth- The youth is the most volatile part of the world population and mostly apolitical. And this volatile population is most active and strongly opinionated on all social media platforms.

The political parties get a chance to directly interact and communicate with the youth in their preferred platform and attach them to their political agendas. If the youth agrees to any political campaign, they will themselves promote and share your political message.

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4. Authenticity- If you talk about the current online scenario, there are huge probabilities of and risks posed by yellow journalism, fake news, misleading messages, etc. These risky trends can make or break the future of any political party contending in the elections. The internet is filled with fake accounts that may intentionally hurt your political campaign.

Hence, as a political party, you have to make sure that you communicate your personal message and agenda to your target audience before others do. Use a well-designed and documented website, a verified page on Facebook and Instagram, a verified Twitter handle informative and authentic blogs, and the like can play a huge role in promoting your political party and your party’s agenda.

5. Polls- One of the most interesting and beneficial features of the social media platforms is the “POLL” feature. This feature allows account holders to conduct polls regarding various topics from time to time. The results are always unbiased and there is no chance of manipulation.

Hence, political parties will be able to understand the flaws of their policies that they have put forward. Social media polls can work significantly well to give you more accurate insights as compared to the physical polls and exit polls that the market research organizations conduct.

Data Analysis

6. Data Analysis- We are living in the age of big data. Internet users create a large volume of data online, daily. All of this data is highly instrumental in analyzing user behavior.

This data analysis provides insights into demographics. Political parties and politicians can utilize these audience demographics to convert the interest of the audience towards their political agenda.

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7. Digital Ads- Digital advertisement is a low-cost option for advertising that can be used to attract and engage with target audiences by political parties. The ads help increase and expand the digital reach of a political party, especially because of the in-built algorithms of the digital platforms. Hence, you can reach out to the exact audience that you want to appeal to.

Hiring a digital marketing company for ensuring the efficient and regular promotion of your political agenda and the campaign would be the most productive and proactive decision for your political party and your party’s success.

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