The Biggest Benefit of Google Display Ads

The Important Benefit of Google Display Ads

Irrespective of whether you own a start-up company ready to embrace Google Ads for the first time or you own a small-sized business that has been running ads for some time, you may not have a huge budget solely allocated to advertising. Yet, you will need to spread the word about your brand and its offerings somehow.

Google’s Search Network is one of the best means to identify user intent and if people don’t know about your offerings, they are not going to search for you on Google. The best benefit of Google Display Advertising is Brand Awareness. A digital marketing agency in Kolkata can help you with Google Display Advertising.

What do Google Display Campaigns do for your business

What do Google Display Campaigns do for your business?

Google Display campaigns build brand awareness for your brand. You need to remember that branded campaigns cannot contribute to the growth of smaller businesses. So, you must focus more on the expansion of your non-branded campaign efforts. If you want more people to search for you on Google, you will have to make significant investment in building that awareness.

The Display Network can be used to build brand affinity. When you spend some of your budget on reaching out to new users more people search for your online, and its not just paid searches. When you spend money on boosting the brand, it helps increase the CTRs and decrease the CPAs for your non-branded campaigns.

The more people are familiar with your brand, the more likely they are to trust your brand and also purchase from you eventually. Hiring a PPC Expert India will be a wise decision if you can afford to.

How to deal with Audience Targeting?

One of the best initiatives in the paid world of media is audience targeting. The degradation of keyword match types by the search engines along with the release of more features allowing PPC marketers to concentrate on groups of people instead of focusing on search terms. If you don’t a have tons of money to spend on your user research, it is not a problem. You do not have to spend a huge budget on just persona studies.

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How to Improve Google Ads Performance?

Google gives a few tools to the marketers for targeting in the Display Network and improving your Google Ads Performance.

• Google Analytics-

In Google Analytics, there is a section called Audience report. Select the “Interests” option and click on “Overview.” You will get to see a snapshot of with-Affinity and In-Market audience where your current users belong to. The segment view is default to All Users but you can change it to your setup made in Google Analytics.

Google Analytics

Add in the date range and your Key Metric selection and you will get the first ten audiences for each category. Click on each option to get more in-detail statistics on every audience types and clicking on the higher level stats is the most convenient place for you to start. In the top right corner of every category breakout you will find Google showing you a certain percentage of users with the selected segment.

Google Ads Audience Insights

• Google Ads Audience Insights-

Google provides another great free tool called the Audience Insights which you will find at Google Ads under “Tools”, followed by “Shared Library” and “Audience Manager.” Advertisers will be able to see, by default, which in-market and affinity audiences the users from the “All Visitors” belong to. The affinity and in-market audiences in the Audience Insights Tool are the most specific options that you can use for the Display Network. You can change the base audience to almost any specific website visitor for making the research more meaningful for the advertiser.

Irrespective of whether you use Google Analytics data or the info from the Audience Insights Tool, the in-market and affinity audiences that find in the results are the same audience options you can choose to target in Google Ads.

If you notice that there are inconsistent patterns between the different audience breakouts, rest assured that you have a better chance of expanding to more relevant users. Take your time to do the extra research to make sure you are placing ads before the most relevant user possible. You will save end up saving a lot of money or make more money in the future.

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• Track the purchase journey of your customer-

Track the purchase journey of your custome

There are several business owners who create one set of ads and use the exact same creative for every Display Network campaign, but this is not the ideal choice. A user who has visited your site is in a different position than a user who has never heard of you before. People from the in-market audiences are in a different purchase mode than users in the affinity category.


Users in different audience group have different intent and are in different phases of the purchase journey. You have to segment these users to control your budget and make your ad more uniquely creative. The more you communicate with your users, the better results you will be able to drive for your business and your investment in Display advertising will be successful.

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