The Best & Most Effective Social Media Strategies For 2020

Social Media has become almost synonymous with Digital Marketing. They go hand in hand with most of the digital campaigns. Social media is anything but static, and the strategies that worked for you a few months back, may not work for you now. Changes in habitual patterns, the The Best & Most Effective Social Media Strategies For 2020evolution of platforms and the emergence of new platforms, all of these influence how people behave in and react to social media. Hence, digital marketers and social media marketers need to keep on updating their strategies. Every social media optimization company in India must give due importance to updating their strategies.

Following is a list of the best and most effective social media strategy ideas that are likely to work perfectly for you:

1. Content is the Educator-

Content has always been the king and it is very likely to be so for a long-long time. Digital marketing experts reveal that 77% of B2B marketers believe in and use content marketing. The majority of B2B content marketers use educational content for nurturing leads and gaining the trust of the audience.

This is highly essential to power your inbound marketing efforts. Informational blogs, white papers, quizzes, etc. can work wonders. Hence, businesses must create content that is relevant, authoritative and educates the audience.

social media trends for business in 2020.

2. Personalized Marketing Messages-

Dig into analytics and understand the demographics thoroughly this New Year! Learn the affinity categories and in-market segments. Go for sending personalized messages. Keep your messages concise and easily understandable.

You must be able to offer some value to your customers with every interaction that you make. Personalized messages show your customers that you understand their pain-points and care about solving them.

You can go for behavioral segmentation and separating audiences into groups based on specifically similar factors, such that you can streamline your process of sending personal messages.

3. Data-driven Creative Efforts-

The algorithms of major search engines now understand which of the ad images and copy could drive the best click-through rates and conversion rates. Creativity serves as a prominent driver of enhanced performance. Adopt a data-first approach and make a creative post out of it. Analyze the performance metrics of your existing creative and locate the loopholes. Now, come up with new creative to influence the poor performance metrics in a positive way directly.

4. Time Investment in Original Research-

Invest considerable time in doing research to find out brand new information. New data attracts links and when the data is presented in a unique layout, people share it on social media. Using proprietary data for creating long-form content with pleasing graphics results in backlinks from multiple high-authority publications.

5. Keep Updating your Content-

Updating your old content is a great strategy to rank in SERPs, because Google’s algorithm tends to rank fresh content every now and then. You will see that your old articles may have ranked well earlier, but are now facing a downward trend. Make simple updates and tweaks to your content. Change the date of your old articles and add in new meaningful data. You will see your traffic and organic rankings pump up instantly.

6. Guest Blogging-

Make efforts to make more bloggers create content for your brand via guest blogging. You can also allow your clients to contribute to your blog. This is useful for both your guest blogger and your business. The guest post helps leverage the guest blogger’s expertise and you get to use their expertise to leverage your blog as a reliable source of information. These articles generally bring goof volumes of organic traffic and potential leads.

7. More Video-

The video will continue to be one of the most essential elements of your marketing strategy for this year and quite a few years ahead. Videos help you forge stronger bonds with your audience as they connect more with videos and appeal to their emotions. Videos increase possibilities of conversions for you. You may publish tutorial videos, testimonials, behind the scenes footage, how-to videos, etc.

8. Live-streaming-

Live-streams take shorter time to be produced, and while facilitating authentic user engagement, it has the potential to reach a wider target audience. Live streaming generates greater impressions that newsfeed posts. People like to see current ongoing activities more now, than a throwback post.

9. Explainer Videos-

Another one of the trendy video content options are explainer videos. The Google algorithms favor websites that publish video content and hence, videos are highly essential for your digital marketing and SEO. And explainer videos are getting a whole new level of attention.

10. Podcasts-

Marketers can either appear as guests on already-established podcasts or start their own podcast. Podcasts help build a solid audience base without you having to face the camera every now and then. Podcasts help you repurpose content that you may already have on your blog. The only thing you need to maintain with podcasts is to maintain a frequent and regular publishing flow.

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11. Keep Local SEO as a priority-

Optimizing and prioritizing Google My Business is one of the most effective strategies since last year. Local SEO is highly significant for driving searches on brand names and creating brand awareness. Google keeps on adding new features to Google My Business and several businesses are not even aware of it, losing out on opportunities to drive potential leads. It is the first place people turn to while looking for a business, especially local ones.

12. Automated E-mail Marketing Campaigns-

An automated e-mail marketing campaigning can send nearly four times as many newsletters at one go. Automated e-mails allow enhanced customization with A/B testing, infographics, time zones, sequences, and CTA buttons, along with data-driven optimization.

13. Voice Technology-

Voice searches have become a new thing and internet users nowadays prefer to speak out their search instead of typing in the search term. Adding semantics and content optimization for voice searches brings more featured snippets and increases traffic.

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The above-stated strategies will come real handy to you in 2020 if you can do things right. A digital marketing agency can help you streamlining your processes by following the social media trends for business in 2020.

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