Stepwise Guide to App Store Optimization for 2020

Stepwise Guide to App Store Optimization for 2020!

What is App Store Optimization?

App Store Optimization (ASO), refers to the process of enhancing the visibility of your app within any app store. The two most prominent and important app stores would include Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

The basic principle of ASO is to rank high in the app store search, by focusing on click-through rate (CTR). Your main goal will be to convince and compel people to click on your app store listing when they get to see it. To win higher ranks, you can begin with optimizing your app name, app title, app rating, app screenshots, and the list goes long.

What are the advantages of ASO?

1. Improved Visibility-

People cannot download your app and use it until and unless the can find it. However great your app might be, if it is not easily discoverable, your app will not sell. ASO makes your app visible and discoverable before the audience.

2. Discovery by Relevant Users-

People being able to find your app is not enough. The right users need to find your app. The right users refer to the people who are actually like for an app like yours. ASO helps you reach out to the right users, by matching your app with relevant keywords.

3. Increased Organic Downloads-

A well-devised ASO strategy will boost your organic installs, bringing long-term results. When people are searching for keywords/ search terms that are relevant to your app, they will always find yours, and download it.

4. Reduced User Acquisition Cost-

You can reduce your user acquisition costs by focusing on organic growth with ASO, instead of spending huge amounts of money on ads. ASO save your money while ensuring stable and consistent growth.

5. Increased Revenue & Conversion Rate-

Monetizing your app can be done using several methods. In-app ads, in-app purchases, subscription models, etc. are all methods of the same. Keeping this in mind, you may decide to invest more in ads in order to generate more revenue. But, as long as your app store page listing is not really converting, your investment is of no use. Note that Conversion Rate Optimization is also a part of App Store Optimization, to get people to click through and download your app.

6. Global Growth of User Base-

Localization is a part of the ASO process that involves making your app available in other languages, so that you can get users from all over the world to discover your app in the app stores. You can successfully take your app global with ASO.

Apple App Store Ranking Factors

Google App Store Ranking Factors

·         App name ·         App name
·         App URL ·         App description
·         App Subtitle ·         In-app purchase
·         In-app purchase ·         Backlinks
·         Keyword field ·         Updates
·         Updates ·         Ratings & reviews
·         Rating & reviews ·         Downloads & engagement
·         Downloads & engagement ·         A few confidential factors
·         A few confidential factors

app store optimization services

What are the App Store Optimization Strategies that you can use in 2020?

1. A Descriptive Title-

It is true that not everything about your app can be said in just a single name; but, you must try your best. Come up with a good name that will help to not only identify what your app does but also improve your ranking. When you add a keyword to your title, you actually increase your ranking by at least 10%. A point to note is that since the App Store and the Play Store handle their keywords and titles in separate ways, your process of approaching your title will depend on whether you are marketing for Apple users or Android users.

2. Wise Placement of Keywords-

Keywords are a highly essential factor in both SEO and ASO. Here to, the way you approach your keywords will vary a lot between the App Store and the Play Store. For Apple, you will be limited to a 100 character-limit; whereas with Google, their no particular limit.

To facilitate the best ASO process, you need to put in your most important keywords for at least five times in the description. If you overdo it by mistake, your app might be penalized for keyword stuffing and your rank will fall.

Before you publish your App Store description with the chosen keywords, you must have a look at the traffic, difficulty, competition, and demand of your chosen keywords. A few App Store Optimization tools like MobileDevHQ and SearchMan can help you find the best App Store Keywords.

3. App Description-

The description of your app for both the Apple and Android apps are equivalent to the landing page of your website. Before you begin, you need to assume that your users know too little about you., other than your app-name. Try to answer questions like: What does your app do? What problems does your app solve? How does your app make life easier for users? Is your app worth the price: How?

4. App Preview Video-

All Internet users are fond of watching videos online and more than 50% of the video content is watched on mobile. Videos have, therefore, become a powerful tool in digital marketing. Videos for your App Store page help you offer a better insight into what your app has to offer. It is likely that your app will come across several users who will watch the video but will mute it. Hence, you must display text within your video that will explain your important offerings.

5. Proper Category-

Picking the right category for your app in both the App Store and the Play Store will help the users find you while browsing by category. Accurate categorization also helps your app rank higher.
In case your app fits into more than one category, you can approach it in the following ways:
Pick the category that is best to describe your app.

Check how many apps are there in each category. Go for the one with the least competition.
Have a look into the Estimated App Worth (EAW) of those close to the top of the categories.

6. Attractive Icon-

Downloads and rankings share a direct relationship. The more users download your app, the more popularity it will achieve, and therefore, it will rank higher. You need to choose your app icon very carefully, because the icon is the only image you that the app store audiences will see. You have to show that your app is worth their time.

7. Positive reviews-

Positive reviews and ratings have a huge impact on your ASO efforts. The reviews need to be from real people who have downloaded and used the app. You can also send push notifications to your users for encouraging them to review your app.


You will pretty much master App Store Optimization if you follow the aforementioned App Store Optimization Tips, along with a few intuitive ideas of your own, you are sure to achieve visible results. If not by yourself, you can also hire an app store optimization company in India providing exclusive app store optimization services.

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