Motion Graphic Design Inspirations and Trends for 2020


What is Motion Graphics?

Motion graphics refers to animation that has text as the focal component. It basically refers to animated graphic design. Motion graphics have become a highly effective method to communicate with your viewers while adding depth to your story.

When you add in music and effective copy, your motion graphics becomes capable of delivering a meaningful and relevant message. A graphic design agency in India can always help you with this.

motion graphic design trends

Following are the most popular motion graphic design trends that have emerged in 2020:

1. Narrow lines and outlines-

Lines are a very essential part of motion graphics. A single line in motion graphics is capable of adding a vivid and elegant style. You can use narrow lines to add a handicraft feeling or a business-like vibe to your infographics.

Lines are a design element that are often ignored and not given its due importance. They have the potential to help you set the right tone of the message you want to convey through your graphic. Lines help clarify direction, separate elements and components, define shapes, and a lot more.
Line graphic designs have already gained immense popularity and are being used widely. It is getting the attention and importance it deserves.

2. Use of Gradients-

Gradients have been an old design trend and had gone out of style, but now it is back with a bang! Gradients are still going to be a popular design element in 2020. A unique gradient background helps add more depth and texture to your graphics. You can also boost an image but adding a new colour.

Gradients are popular because they are catchy and versatile. Gradients allow you to mix a variety of colour shades and enabling new and modern colour combinations that will catch the focus in your design.

You can experiment with gradients by incorporating this trend in your brand colour palette. You may use gradients to boost your logo, packaging, web design, print and marketing materials. You may use gradients as a background or an UI element in any design on your app or website.

3. Isometric Animation is the new hot element-

The isometric animation helps depict three-dimensional elements in two dimensions. This adds more perspective on an element. Isometric graphics can be used to showcase/ advertise nearly every product/ service, business process, or brand.

In terms of the design niche advancements we are experiencing, you may even witness a real 3D motion graphics able to play with the audience. Isometric animation gives a new angle to creativity in the design world.

4. Vertical Ads-

A media report reveals that we hold our mobile phones vertically about 94 per cent of the time, which is very obvious if you just keep a close eye and get a general observation. And since we spend a lot of time on our phones exploring the internet, it is very obvious for vertical ads to become highly popular in 2020.

Social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook have introduced the vertical content format that make it easier and highly convenient for marketers to use vertical ads to occupy al the smartphones. You just need to figure out a way to create more personalized and interactive vertical ads.

Explore your options if you want engage the right customers with the right content in your vertical ads. Experiment with 3D elements, stop-motion or motion graphics for animation, type and design, overlays and textures, and the like, and see what works best for your target audience and brings out a unique and attention-grabbing vertical ad.

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5. Motion tracking and HUD-

Motion tracking brings out really interesting and unexpected ideas in the live-action world. When you track the movements of objects and elements and use it further in your process, adding special effects in feature films and commercials, the whole idea seems to be outstandingly new and advanced. This trend is clearly becoming more popular in character animations.

The scene is quite similar to Heads Up Display (HUD). When you play a video or a video game, you will see the display area in which the vital statistics of the characters and the functions of the game are displayed.

This trend is mostly visible in motion design, adding a futuristic feeling that your audience cannot help but notice. Simple graphs, graphic indicators, animated digital charts etc. are all important elements of HUD.

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Thin lines, isometric animation, HUD, etc. are all predicted to be the most popular and diverse motion graphics trends in 2020. Don’t shy away from experimenting.

Explore all the new trends and observe the results each trend is driving for you and stick to what works best for you. You may also hire a motion graphics agency in India to get your work done.

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