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Increase Your Business Growth with SaaS Applications

What is SaaS?

SaaS stands for Software as a Service. It is also known as Application Service Provider, Software on demand or, service in the Cloud. SaaS offers a connection and subscription to IT services built on a shared infrastructure through the cloud, and deployed over the Internet. It does not require being purchased or installed locally. Software that you want to use is delivered to you and managed remotely. You can access it easily with your preferred browser and mobile device. You could easily hire a SaaS application development company in India to get your job done.

Who uses SaaS applications?

Companies use an average of 16 SaaS apps for running their business every day. SaaS is suitable for both personal and professional use. Subscribing to Dropbox for storing your photos online is a great example of SaaS. Specifically, for medium-sized organizations, SaaS is primarily a seamless and a cost-effective alternative offering new possibilities, flexible costs, and also easy maintenance and deployment.

For being able to store your business information in the Cloud, you do not have to own a powerful computer or an in-house server; you do not have to hire and IT genius for it. SaaS offers a platform for multiple users to get access to the massive database at any point in time, and anywhere where you get Internet. A cloud application development company could help you with this.

You will only need a web browser and an internet-powered device to get on with it!

How SaaS Applications Increase Your Business Growth:

1. You will not need any huge Initial Investment-

SaaS comes with a pay-as-you-go model involving no huge upfront fees. You will only have to pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee for using the CRM as a service. This is mostly why medium-sized companies prefer to go for SaaS, because they have to be careful about how much they invest their budgets into new systems, even if it is business critical.

When you go for an on-premise solution, you have to manage it all yourself; be it applications, data, middleware, runtime, servers, OS, networking and storage. Hence, treating SaaS as an operating expenditure is the smarter option.

2. SaaS is Cost-Effective-

Cost Saving is one of the most attractive advantages that SaaS brings to your platter. If you compare the cost of a SaaS CRM solution with buying the software, you may first assume that the SaaS option is more expensive. But, when you calculate the amount you will need for buying the necessary hardware, and also the cost involved in hiring and managing a team to maintain it all, you will realize that the SaaS actually lowers your costs.

3. Hassle-free Availability-

The SaaS model gives you access to your CRM database from anywhere in the world, on any device, at any time. All you will need is the Internet and a web browser. SaaS comes with an impressive 99% uptime, being hosted on the Cloud and accessible over the internet. SaaS is also great for the salespersons that spend maximum part of their work-time on the field. Cloud application development services are a common thing now.

4. A Seamless IT Life-

SaaS comes with a subscription-based pricing method that virtually involves no system maintenance fees for maintaining backups, updates, security, etc. A SaaS user does not need to buy, install or update any hardware or install a local server, which is certainly expensive and demands maintenance regularly. Hence, this implies that you will not have to hire a dedicated IT staff.

When you move to the cloud, you will witness a 15% decrease in your IT expenditure and a 16.7% reduction in your IT maintenance costs.

A SaaS provider hosts all the SaaS CRM solutions. Hence, all upgrades, installations, maintenance, and new users are connected to the system effortlessly on the customer-side. It is the responsibility of the SaaS vendor to deliver on the promises they have made and ensure that the IT operates the way it is expected to.

5. Customizable Expansion and Integration-

Users of SaaS CRM Apps are given the ability to integrate with the already existing software on the market and expand their CRM solution just as an onsite customer will.

This implies that the customers can keep using the software they are accustomed to, like ERP systems or email clients, because they can be easily integrated with the SaaS solution.

6. Highly Secure-

Research says that 66% of IT professionals believe that security is the biggest concern while adopting an enterprise cloud computing strategy.

With SaaS, the vendors are responsible for maintaining the data that the customers entrust them with. Hence, the security issue becomes highly serious and customer data is kept super-protected.
The livelihood of the SaaS vendor depends on data security; hence, safeguarding the app is paramount. Hence, SaaS servers are scattered in several geographical locations, and have automatic backups. This ensures high level of security; in fact it is more secure than it would be if your own enterprise would handle it.

7. Easily Scalable-

The SaaS CRM Model can be scaled up quickly. This means that if your company decides to increase the number of CRM users, it can actually be done in a day. There is no need for lengthy requests, testing, IT architectural changes, installing additional software, or waiting.

You will find several companies offering SaaS application development services. You will only have to change the subscription and immediately, more viewers will get to access you SaaS solution. In case, if you need more storage space or additional service, the process is still the same i.e., quick and almost immediately deployable.

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