How Web Design Impacts Customer Experience

How Web Design Impacts Customer Experience

 Humans are visual beings. This is all the more evident in the marketing industry. Customers are only interested in things when something catches their attention and is convenient to use. Hence, when you have a business website, the layout of the same and the overall website design becomes important – factors that help your site get more visitors. This is where professional web design companies in India come into the picture.

We are always attracted by stunning designs. Even a simple website, with an attractive design and easy navigation can get you more visitors. The more people visit your website, more are the chances of them investing in your products and services.

Here are a few ways in which web design impacts customer experience and how minor design tweaks can help your brand grow:

Appearance of the Site

When you open a website, you either like it or dislike it. For people to stay even a few minutes on the site and go through the same, you’d have to make it attractive. A good and simple site eases navigation, and shows us the importance of web designing.

A website needs to be responsive, such that it can adapt to any screen size of any device. The best web design companies understand how people always stay connected via their smart devices thereby making sure your site stays responsive.

Sometimes a few professional web designing companies put into use artistic fonts that although look good, are harder to read. For you to connect and engage with your clients or customers you must ensure that your website has easy to read fonts.

It’s no secret that customers or website visitors are attracted to graphics. Hence, by using attractive visual graphics, web designing companies grab viewer’s interest. Videos and GIFs are also an effective way of getting your message across. However, these should be used sparingly, as it may increase the site’s overall loading time.


There are thousands of websites on the internet, but not all are trustworthy. Hence, it is important for your site to look professional and trustworthy. This would make sure that visitors on your site feel good about connecting with your brand.

Web designing companies often put up staff pictures in the gallery section of the site to gain trust. Putting a testimonial section or a portfolio section with mention of past projects also works.

Keeping Things Simple

Try to keep your website simple. People do not have time to go through complex things, and hence keeping the website elements and the navigation simple, helps. 

Professional web designing companies use drop-down menus and even hover messages to guide users through the website. Putting suggestions and forms are also a great way of connecting with customers.

Loading Time

People have a small attention span. They ‘d never access your site if it takes too long to load or respond. Even Google takes note of website load times while ranking sites. A light and easy to load site ranks higher on search engines, hence, the best web designing companies in India optimize images and multimedia to make sites more search engine friendly.

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The main objective of your website is to sell products or services, or simply listing your business online. Use attractive colors and themes in your website and call to action buttons. This proves convenient for customers and helps businesses highlight aspects or services which would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Do not clutter your website with unnecessary elements. Keep the background clean and look for ways to heighten interaction with people. People appreciate human assistance and hence, a quick contact link goes a long way in helping brands send out a positive vibe.

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Seeking help from a good professional web designing company and following these little tips will allow you to make your site more impactful. That said, sometimes conventional ways fail to provide the needed edge, and in such times unconventional things might work. So, keep experimenting with fresh and bold new ideas.

Keep track of things via Google analytics or other support tools to see what works and what doesn’t.

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