How Voice Search Optimization Will Impact the Future of Your Business in the Upcoming Years

Voice Search Optimization stands as a very integral part of Digital Marketing strategies in the current digitally-driven market. The increasing popularity of AI, IoT, and similar advanced technologies have entirely transformed the manner in which users interact with their mobile devices. Using voice queries to search or look for any specific information has become easy and more preferable for the current generation of internet users.

How Voice Search Optimization Will Impact the Future of Your Business in the Upcoming Years

Research reveals that 40 percent of internet users prefer to look for necessary information via voice search options.

With the introduction of Siri, Google Home, Alexa, and the like, businesses are having to rethink their SEO strategies to fit in to the voice search optimization requirements. If you want to compete and mark a reputable position in the current market, you have to give prime importance to Voice Search Optimization as a part of your digital marketing campaign. Voice Search Optimization will only enhance and extend the online presence of your business and help you achieve new boundaries.

To strengthen your Voice Search Optimization efforts, you must first know how exactly internet users make search queries with voice search options.

If you do some market research, you will notice that the searches types in by users in the Google search bar are different from the search queries voiced for the voice search options. In case of voice searches, users mainly ask questions or make commands like for e.g., How to cook biriyani at home? Play the songs by Adele; Open my email; How to make a card at home? Etc. Voice searches are mainly how-to searches or commands. Over recent years, Google Voice Search queries have gone up remarkably.

Hence, it is important for businesses to understand and respond to these developments and include them within their digital marketing campaigns. Also, businesses often choose to hire a Digital Marketing Agency to ensure voice search optimization for their sites.

The chain of events and impacts of terms of voice search and digital marketing goes in a certain way. Your digital marketing strategies directly impact your business and revenue; while, your voice search optimization directly impacts your digital marketing strategies, which in turn impacts your business and its revenue.

You have to find out a way and make sure to adapt to the current changing digital landscape no matter what. If want your business to shine and not just survive among your competitors, you have to pay serious attention to Voice Search Optimization.

Voice Search options on major Search engines enhances

Voice Search options on major Search engines enhances the user experience because it is an easy and fast way to make queries and get answers asap! So, when you optimize your website content for voice search options, specially for mobile devices, your business has high chances of appearing on the first ranking in the list of suggestions made by the personal voice assistant.

For example, if a user has gone for a holiday and returns to find that his TV is not working, the fastest possible way for him to find a TV mechanic is to switch on his voice assistant and make a command saying: Find the nearest TV mechanic near me.

If your website content has the relevant keywords and is strategically optimized for voice searches, your website is likely to be the first to come up among the search results that your assistant provides.

The best way to ensure such a ranking for voice searches is to bag your position in the featured snippet or the ‘position zero’ of the major Search Engines, predominantly Google. Hiring SEO Services can be a good way to ensure appearing in the featured snippets.

When you sit down to device your Voice Search Optimization strategies, there are a few things you will need to consider before you begin. You have to make sure to write your website content in an interactive and conversational language. Remember that voice searches transform text searches into long-tail keywords and you have to make sure to aim for the featured snippet. Also, never forget that voice searches prioritize websites that have informative and authoritative content.

Since, voice search queries mainly comprise users making queries by asking questions, you have to use such natural conversational text content on your website to get better rankings. Along with including such questions in your website content, you will also have to answer those questions well enough for Google to recognize your site as an authentic and informative one. If you can make your place in the featured snippet, you can rest assured that you will ensure better visibility for your site.

In a nutshell, here are the things that you need to do sincerely for strengthening your Voice Search Optimization efforts:

  • Use natural conversational language for your website content
  • Use search queries in the form of questions in your content just like you use keywords
  • Make sure to answer all the questions you are including in your content
  • Try to understand the intent of the user when queries are made via voice search
  • You have to build a fully-equipped local SEO schema for your business site
  • Your site must have a fast loading speed, along with being responsive and secure
  • Complete you Google My Business profile by filling in all the relevant details

Now go proceed further with your Voice Search Optimization efforts, you will need to understand how website ranking for Voice Search works. If you primarily consider Google Home for your reference, you will see that only the sites with the most relevant content answering questions ranks the highest. Google brings search results as per user intent.

The three factors that Google considers while bringing up a search result for a voice search query includes Relevance, Prominence, and Distance. For example, if a user places a voice search saying “Find the nearest car repair service,” Google will use the user’s current location and the companies with the best optimized local SEO profiles will show up on the top of the Search Results Pages. Hence, you need to make sure to optimize your business for local SEO.

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Another important factor to consider is your FAQ pages. Including FAQs in your website is a very useful strategy to optimize your site for voice searches. Use FAQs that are conversational in tone such that your users get immediate answers when they make exact same questions as mentioned in your FAQ list or at least questions that are similar to the FAQs that you have answered. Try finding put the most searched FAQs and answer those in your website to appear for search queries that are made in long-tail keyword phrases.

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Keeping in mind that 20 percent of Google Searches remade by voice assistants, this trend will be only rising in the upcoming years. By the end of 2020, digital marketing experts predict that the percentage of voice searches will reach up to 50 percent which is a huge rise that business owners need to consider.

If you want to compete efficiently, you have to pay attention to your site’s mobile footprint. Even if your site has the best design and the fastest loading speed, if your site is not optimized for voice search, your site may get lesser traffic with an increasing number of voice searches. Voice Search Optimization will give your business reliable access to a brighter future in the years ahead.


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