How Are Industries Using AR To reshape business?

How Are Industries Using AR To Reshape Business?

The current scenario of the COVID-19 is likely to change the future of Augmented Reality and the world may experience a huge surge in mixed reality applications. Entrepreneurs all over the world are already anticipating that innovations have become the necessity of the current times and also the future.

With the increasing adoption of the new norms of prevention by people all around trying to keep themselves safe from the spread of coronavirus, the businesses are burdened to keep up the standards while fulfilling their needs.

The thought has to rise beyond just the classic app features if they want their business app to survive in the market.

how various industries are being influenced by the adoption of Augmented Reality


Let us now see how various industries are being influenced by the adoption of Augmented Reality for revamping businesses.

1. Education-

The traditional methods of teaching and learning are becoming obsolete with time. Schools and universities are shifting towards an academic system in which the chalk-and-board classes are being replaced with advanced and fun technology-supported digital classes.

Education using AR

The same is being implemented on workforce training as well. AR technology in the e-learning industry has been a long prevalent concept of implementation. Augmented Reality technology supports modern learning management systems and there are innumerable AR-enabled e-learning applications covering various subjects.

There are several examples of AR-enables e-learning apps that include Maths Alive where students can practice counting, Arloon Plants where students can learn information about the different parts of the plants and their structure.

There are many teachers and students who are using these applications actively. Similarly, you can revamp your education with the help of AR-enabled e-learning app development.

2. Retail-

The retail industry always witnesses an aggressive and cut-throat competition, functioning over the internet AKA as the e-commerce industry has a similar culture of competition. All retail businesses are using new and unique methods and solutions to stand out among their competitors in the market.

Augmented-Reality Using in Retail Store

AR technology gives a lot of power and precedence to the e-commerce stores during this competitive struggle. If you have not yet considered AR integration for your app, then it is high time that you think about it now.

The aftermath scenario of COVID is not likely to favor the old business practices in the retail industry. You will need to update your retail apps that can work well in compliance with the users’ safety measures and standards that need to be maintained.

This is just the time for you to consider reforming and redesigning your app by including AR integration.

3. Health Care-

The healthcare industry has gone through a lot under the current pandemic situations. Healthcare services all around the world are weakened and fatigued with this pandemic. Hence, now is the right time to consider immediate updates in the healthcare system.

Health Care using AR

WHO, in its latest report, reveals that telemedicine has made its place among those essential services that we require to strengthen our healthcare system to its fullest potential and if you belong to the healthcare industry, it is time for you to understand and leverage the best potential of your telemedicine apps.

When you implement AR integration with your healthcare mobile app development will help the doctors to explain and make their patients understand their ailments more clearly and also give them a better understanding of their treatment by means of 3D organic models.

This will not only enhance the healthcare industry as a whole but also make your app more reliable and competitive.

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4. Food & Beverage-

After the COVID outbreak, there are several guidelines that have been announced by the WHO and different government bodies. Social distancing or physical distancing is the most important guideline that is highly recommended to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Food industry using AR

These guidelines have affected the food industry adversely. Food is one of the easiest sources for the transfer of infection. Hence, the food industry has experienced a drastic slump in business. Hence, the food and beverage business owners need to think about new and safe ways to restore their operations and also restore business. AR can be a huge contribution to this.

There are several AR-enabled apps like for example, KabaQ that allow diners to see a 3D image of the dishes in their menu before they order. Such advanced and innovative features add a fun element while increasing user interaction.

While keeping in mind the current pandemic situation, you have to try to come up with a credible idea that will make your food reliable. People need to rely on your food and be made sure that they are safe while they choose to dine from you.

You may also get in touch with an AR Food Ordering App Development team to get some help with coming up with a life-changing, rather a business-changing idea to revamp your food and beverage business application.

5. Beauty-

Augmented Reality goes a long way in enhancing the experience of beauty industry customers. AR technology offers a 3D immersive experience that is famous for the Snapchat and Instagram filters. Other than making things fun and entertaining, AR can help increase the sales of your business.

Beauty industry using AR

AR-integrated beauty apps re very similar to the AR-enabled apps from IKEA. You will also need to make sure that your app is in line with the prevailing safety standards and measures.

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The five main industries mentioned above have already begun to adopt and implement AR technology for ensuring the success of their businesses. You have to analyze the needs of your customers as per the ‘new normal’ and implement those changes to your business.

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