Google Analytics Standard Vs Google Analytics 360

Google Analytics Standard Vs Google Analytics 360

Google comes with two versions of Google Analytics, one of which is the standard version of Google Analytics and the other is the premium version of Google Analytics 360. The standard version of Google Analytics is free and the premium version Google Analytics 360 is the paid version.

Google Analytics Standard Vs Google Analytics 360

In terms of Collection of Data, both the versions of Google Analytics can track events is any application but there can be limits to the data collection. A standard Google Analytics account can help you make twenty custom dimensions and twenty custom metrics while a 360 account gives you two-hundred for each.

Another point of difference between GA360 and GA is the factor of data freshness that implies data protection latency. Data Freshness for a standard account is 24+ hours while for 360 accounts it is only a maximum of 4 hours.

Data collection goes up to ten million hits per month for Google Analytics, while it goes up to more than 1 billion hits per month for Google Analytics 360.

In terms of Reporting, both the type of accounts come with Standard Reports, Customer Reports, Dashboards, and Segments.

The main point of difference between the standard Google Analytics and Google Analytics 360 is the number of hits. If you have several users, you can potentially reach the hit limit. This occurrence can make you come across multiple inconsistencies across your data.

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There are many instances in which Google just removed some specific key event data due to limited exhaustion. At the same time, Google can sample the data whenever the queries will become large with advanced properties. You can totally avoid data sampling with Google Analytics 360.

The ad cost distribution cannot be calculated user or user engagement in Google Analytics or Google Analytics 360. Hence, you cannot get as much information on how much it costs for acquiring a user who made a specific purchase.

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The source of this issue is predominantly in the logic of both the tools. All the data, including even the data stored in Big Query, is already aggregated after collection with Google Analytics tags. Hence, it often becomes impossible to reach the hit level for learning more about your customers.

For the companies and businesses that build their analytics on Google Products, the mature decision would be to purchase Google Analytics 360. With the growth of any business, it runs up against the limitations of analytical tools. For instance, the data aggregation process with Google Analytics may seem like a normal feature with most users, but it may turn up to be a hurdle if your business requires to process any data at the hit level instead of via sessions or campaigns.

If you have spent several hours calculating your expected ROI for Google Analytics 360, and you still don’t have enough knowledge, then you must be reading the right article. A digital marketing agency can help you with choosing what is best for your business at what point in time.

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