Android or iOS App Development: Which is Best for Your Business?

If you have finally decided to develop an application for your business, how do you now decide which platform will be best for resolving your core business issues? No need to worry or panic. We will discuss the pros and cons of each of the two platforms in detail, to help you make a well-informed decision.

When you begin to plan your technical requirements and plan to hire a Mobile app development company, you will first need to study, analyse, and evaluate all the various factors to reduce the risk of putting your hard-earned money and efforts at stake.

Every business has different requirements, so there can be no single-app development platform that will fulfil all the business needs. Hence, to make the best decision, you need to dig in deep into the details of each of the two platforms and gain an in-depth understanding of the features and limitations of both the platforms.

iOS and Android together own 97% of the global market share. Hence, developing an app has become an ideal approach for almost every business in the market for promoting their services and boost their sales.

There are several small companies that use an in-house app development team to reduce the app-building costs. Yet, hiring an app-development company can help you develop within a limited budget and timeline.

The Google Play Store Vs. The Apple App Store

It is definitely not easy to develop an app on both platforms. And that is never the recommendation. Why?
Building an app for both the platforms can drain your budget extensively. For developing an app on both platforms, you will need to hire both iOS app developers and android app developers. This will cost you a lot.

Also, it is risky because you never know whether your app will be a big hit among the users or will end up being a flop show. Hence, it is better for you to test your app in one of the two app markets first.

It is important for you to choose one platform, and before making a choice, you need to first take some market statistics and facts into consideration. Statista says reveals that the number of mobile phone users have crossed the 5 billion mark in 2019. Android made up a huge market of 74.45% in 2019-20 while iOS has captured 22.85% of the market share.

After you are done with evaluating the market stats and figures, you will notice that Android and iOS are dominating the mobile OS market in the world. Let us get into discussing the difference between iOS and Android development.

1. Market Share:

The market trends change every year. While you walk through a city centre, you may perceive that the iOS is ruling the market. But fact is that this is a slightly distorted representation.

You will definitely come across more people with an iPhone. But what you need to remember is that someone holding an iPhone 6 will look almost identical to someone holding an iPhone 8.

In 2012, Android had a share of 21.5% of the global market while iOS had a share of 61%. By the end of 2019, Android owned 64% of the global market, which was twice the iOS share of 32%. And, in 2020, the Android share is still growing.

2. Audience Demographics:

A survey reveals that Android OS is mostly functioning and being used in the developing nations, whereas, iOS is largely being used in developed nations where people have a high range of income and are able to spend money on mobile apps.

Hence, as a business owner, if you wish to target both the higher-income and the lower-income group all over the globe, you must go for an Android App Development.

The Sensor Tower Reports show that the Google Play Store drove in 75.7 billion first-time app installs in the world, whereas, the Apple App Store drove only 29.6 billion.

Even though the Androids have higher volume of downloads, iOS users have a higher engagement rate and they spend more money on iOS apps.

Android apps are definitely very popular in the lower-income categories. On the other hand, the major audience base of iOS users comes from North America and Western Europe.

3. Average Revenue:

Every business owner will want to make his application both popular and profitable. Android may seem to have a larger revenue. But that is not true. Android is still losing to iOS in terms of revenue growth. The Apple App Store is still making 64% more revenue than the Google App Store.

Hence, if your main aim is to monetize your app, there are a few factors you need to think about. Android users are not much willing to pay for an application as compared to the iOS users.
This is why the Apple App Store gets more revenue from mobile apps than the Google Play Store.

4. App Complexity:

The complexity of app development largely determines your choice between Android and iOS development.

In terms of complexity, Android loses, because developing as iOS application is far quicker than developing an Android application.

After the launch of iOS 11, 50% of the application users updated their OS to the latest version during the course of the first three months, and the share keeps increasing.

When speaking about Android App Development, an Android app has to run on a plethora of smartphones and tablets, with different screen sizes and aspect ratios. Hence, you need to build an app to suit all these specifications on all these devices.

5. Timeline:

From when would you want to market your application? By now, you already know which of the two platforms takes more time to be developed, and which takes less.

Android is the one consuming more time in the development process, because of the long release cycles and fragmentation it comes with. Hence, the iOS developer has less work to do.

Android applications are developed with JAVA or Kotlin programming, while iOS apps are developed in Objective-C or Swift.

As a business owner, if you wish to save more time and resources, you should go for hiring iOS developers who can understand and cater to the app-functionalities that you plan to market.

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6. Development Cost:

The development cost of a mobile app depends on the scope and the complexity of your app-development project.

The larger and more complex your project will be, the larger your corresponding budget has to be. There are no inherent features in both Android apps and iOS apps that makes the development of one more expensive than the other.

The cost of your app development will depend on how many devices and OS versions you need your developers to cover for your app. If you need to develop more versions, it will take your developers more time to develop. You may hire the best iPhone app development company in India or you could hire android application development services.

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