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An Ultimate Guide to Ace Local SEO in 2020

Local SEO is indispensible in 2020 for all businesses. Most Local SEO strategies are a part of a larger SEO strategy. The best way to optimize the location of your business is to use Google My Business. It is one of the easiest and fastest way to tell Google where your business is located.

If you do not choose to do it yourself, you can always hire the best search engine optimization company to do it for you. Organic SEO services are not much hard to find.

An Ultimate Guide to Ace Local SEO in 2020

Following are the Local SEO strategies that you must adopt to excel in 2020:

1. Keep your Address in your Footer-

Even though this is a very small detail and might seem insignificant to many, this actually one of the most essential cues that search engines use to locate your website and associate it with certain locations.

It is known as NAP- Name, Address, Phone Number. You must make sure that it is identical everywhere you will display it. Not one text must differ from the other. If you do so, Google will read it as two different addresses and you obviously would not want competition from your own business because of such a silly mistake!

You may also choose to add visual cues in your main navigation bar, header, or parts & sections of your website, according to which part users go often on your site.

2. Maintain Clarity of Service Areas-

If your visitor cannot find the name of your city, town, state, or country, they will automatically consider you as a potential vendor.

If you already have standalone service area pages, you must optimize it with area-specific keywords like the town name, or the zip code, or significant landmarks. If there are areas you do not serve, you may mention those as well, especially if you have received queries from those regions.

Begin with a page describing your service area, the history your business has there (if any), and your clients in those regions.

You can keep it as simple as a bulleted list of towns, states or countries. You can even embed an interactive map on your website allowing users to find exactly what they are searching for.

3. Optimization of Specialized Pages for certain Locations-

Having a unique set of landing pages for local services areas have the potential to go a long way. These local pages are almost like mini-homepages. It has all the information that a user needs to decide whether they want to contact you or not.

Keyword optimization is great, but you must not let that make you ignore user optimization. Once you have created your sites, go to a search engine and search for it. You must ensure that what you get to see on the SERPs is a realistic preview of what the user will get to see. Also, make sure that the search result highlights that the page focuses on a certain geographical area.

Google ranks pages, not domains. If you have multiple pages for different locations on the same domain, Google will never penalize you!

4. Citation Pages-

Citation pages and off-site SEO, is another important of local SEO. There are several visitors who will never visit your website till the very end of their purchase journey. Even when they do visit, they will spend only half a minute on your page prior to converting.

But how did they decide to make a purchase from you if they did not even visit your website before deciding? They actually had a look at business on a citation page, got the information they required, and then went directly to your website.

Citation pages help users to locate and compare businesses. When you Google your business, you will see that there are more pages about your business than the ones you yourself have created. These are opportunities to expand your web presence, generate backlinks, and connect with potential customers before they fill out your contact form.

For optimizing your citation pages, use attractive images, use all the fields that you get, and upgrade to a paid version if you can.

5. Encourage Reviews-

Almost all search engines have reviews as a part of their basic functionality. Reviews are one of the most valuable currencies that marketers have at their disposal. Reviews can make a significant difference in the sales funnel, right from inbound traffic to conversion.

Asking your happy clients for reviews is not tough. You just have to ask. Try offering some form of incentive that would encourage your clients to leave a review.

Google is a perfectly suitable place for you to begin asking for reviews.


The above local SEO checklist adds up to your likeliness of appearing on Google and SERPs, in 2020. You must keep your business and its online activities consistent, without thinking much about where it appears.

The entire establishment of local SEO is just a part of your entire SEO strategy and the results depend on prioritization. Best Search Engine Optimization company in India could help you out with your Local SEO at highly affordable rates.

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