A Comprehensive Guide to Create a Taxi App Like Uber

A Comprehensive Guide to Create a Taxi App Like Uber

When you decide to build your own taxi booking app, you will need a mobile solution with standard features. And when you do so, you want to build an app like Uber with maps and location services for your users. You can hire a mobile app development company in India to get your work done.

Making an app as efficient enough to compete with giants like Uber is not an easy task. There are several key stages that you need to follow if you want to accomplish your goal and generate results.

Taxi App Market Research

1. Market Research-

Before you start building your taxi app, you need to carry out rigorous market research and competitor analysis. If you want to stay at the top of the search results page, you will need to hire a professional team that has experience in this field to determine the winning combination of functionalities that will allow your app to stand out in the market and compete.

Take ample time for this stage because it is the most primary and important stage of the whole development process. The market research also helps you determine how much does it cost to make an app like uber in India.

design-and-develop-taxi app

2. App Design-

Abiding by the prevalent rule, software for a wide target audience must have a design and navigation as simple as possible. Your app design must help your users feel comfortable. They must be able to find all the functionalities easily without having to look for them too hard.

3. Front-end-

This is the most expensive stage in your entire development project. You can hire Dedicated Developers in India for this purpose.

Following is a list of the functionalities and technology stacks that you will need:

  • Location- Your developer will be using APIs for processing location data and the implementation of this feature will take 50 to 60 years on an average.
  • Timer- Your app will need a timer that starts from the moment your user is ordering a taxi. The implementation of this feature is likely to take your developer 50 to 60 hours.
  • Online Payments- You have to create your own software solution for secure payment processing or you have to integrate your app with an already-established payment gateway, to offer your users the functionality to pay for taxi services online. The implementation of this feature is supposed to take 100 hours on an average.
  • User Profile- You need to create two types of user-profiles with different variations of the dashboard one each for the taxi user and the taxi driver. Try considering a simplified authorization. This feature will take 100 hours on an average.
  • Multilingual Support- If you want to create an app that targets the widest audience base possible, then your app needs to support several languages. This will take your developer around 100 to 120 hours.
  • Rating & Reviews- To manage the quality of your services and to establish the authenticity of your company, you need to add a rating service. Developers need 60 to 80 hours on an average.
  • Chat- You need to provide your users with the functionality that allows your riders to communicate directly with your drivers, which will take 40 hours or less.
  • In-app Calls- To improve your customer experience even further, you need to include an in-app feature that will take your developer 20 hours max.
  • Monetization Tools- You need to find out how to monetize your free software solution similar to most such software solutions. They waste way to do so is to add in advertisement blocks or in-app purchases. This feature implementation requires 20 to 30 hours.

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4. Back-end Development-

These Software Solutions are generally meant for a wide range of target audiences. Drivers moving at high speed adds complications that the app has to react to and stay in line with. Your back-end development has to be strong and thorough.

Your developers need to distribute the workload among multiple servers or process the workload in the cloud. The back-end development is likely to take around 400 hours to be completed. Hiring a professional taxi app development services is the best solution.

5. User Testing-

After you are done with both the front-end and the back-end development, your app needs to be tested by real users. So, when you upload your app to Google Play, you just need to select alpha or beta testing sections. Only the testers will have access to your app.

App Store does not provide any such option. You will get to use a software tool for beta testing made by Apple Developers. This process will take you around 2 to 4 months to complete.

6. Launching and Promotion-

To make your taxi app widely known as much as Uber, you will need to promote your app. To get on the top of the SERPs of the major search engines, you have to get as many app downloads as possible in the shortest time possible. Achieving this with the shortest possible time without a marketing campaign is impossible.

Your marketing budget will always have chances to fluctuate significantly, Hence, you can calculate this only after you discuss your business goals with professional marketers.

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7. Technical Support-

Even after meticulous testing of your app, users may come across bugs even after you release your app. You cannot blame this on the tester because apps are so complicated that finding bugs in the apps immediately after using it, is impossible.

This is exactly why you need to keep on making new updates to your app such that your developer adds new features and fix new bugs and release it again.

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