8 Proven Website Designing Tips That Convert Traffic Into Leads 

Leads are only as good as the website itself. Fortunately, a landing page or a homepage doesn’t have to be overwhelming to make an impression. In our years of website design and development experience we’ve worked with businesses far and wide, and so here’s some of our website designing tips – tips that’d not only generate quality leads for your business but would also increase conversions and heighten the trust factor of the business. These ideas and inspirations would make your website more appealing, convert visitors, and get you more value out of your website.

Visual Hierarchy

Pages always have a visual hierarchy. It refers to the arrangement of the visual elements. It determines the relative prominence of the elements and the order in which they appear. Website designing companies use this to guide the attention of customers to important elements first.

Using Descriptive, Keyword Focused Headlines

The headlines on the homepage and on other landing pages should be descriptive, else visitors may not understand if they’ve landed on the right page. Rather than writing a fancy and vague headline, make sure you use the opportunity to include a keyword or even a target keyphrase.

Contact Number

Adding a contact number to the business website heightens customer trust and lends overall credibility to the business. Even if customers don’t call, the presence of a phone number on the website gives them a sense of comfort. Hence, the best website designing companies ask businesses to incorporate their phone number in the website. It is often also used as part of the branding.

Forms on Every Page

Having easy access to lead generation forms is often helpful if you’re looking to increase the number of sales you get via the website. The less information you’d ask in the form, particularly in the first step, makes people more likely to divulge their details. Putting such forms on important pages increases the likelihood that customers would notice them and perhaps even fill them out.

Photos and Testimonials

Testimonials are a great marketing tool, but adding photos takes it even further. Together, these can have a notable impact and even lend support to your campaigns and offers. Hence, always opt for reliable website designing, so that you get to include photos and testimonials on your website.


Online videos are a great way of increasing conversion rates for businesses and industries. The best videos bridge the gap between the customer and the business. Online visitors who view a product video are more likely to convert than those who simply viewed an ad.

Using Compelling Words

Powerful verbs as “feel”, “get”, and “have” are often considered as strong compellers. Hence, whenever you are adding content to the website while opting for website designing and development services, include action-oriented words. Such words are often used above the fold for maximum impact.

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Avoiding Cookie- Cutter Website Templates

It goes without saying, that those looking for quality lead generation, should avoid cookie-cutter website templates. Rather, invest in proper website designing, and make sure that the site or page’s purpose is clear upfront so that it can be tailored for generating lead. A well-designed site also increases customer’s confidence in the business.

Different people have different opinions on what the perfect website looks like, as design is subjective. People often judge the credibility of a company or business by the design of the site. It influences bounce rates, and also indirectly leads to conversions. So, the next time you opt for website designing, make sure you stop relying on gut feeling and instead start doing things by proven methods.


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