Why is Magento better than other e commerce systems

12 Reasons to prove that Magento is the best Ecommerce platform

Studies reveal that 28% of the eCommerce sites choose Magento as their eCommerce platform. Magento comes with outstanding features, and user-friendly navigation, backed by a robust structure and strong workforce.

What makes Magento the best e commerce platform? This article explains why and how Magento is the best eCommerce Platform. Let’s get on with it without further delay!

1. Open-Source-

Magento is an open-source platform available in free, enterprise and hosted versions. Developers usually prefer to use the free version for developing eCommerce websites. Magento comes with engaging features that are highly instrumental in the growth of businesses. Website owners can also access the updated version without paying anything.

2. Designed for eCommerce-

Magento is specifically designed for eCommerce platform. You will find the most basic features of an eCommerce like supplier management, inventory management, user dashboard, advanced shipping, etc. Magento eCommerce platform enables product bundles, built-in cross sell, newsletters, and CMS options.

3. Mobile Responsiveness-

eCommerce sites developed on Magento are highly mobile-responsive owing to its HTML 5-integration. It results into offering an outstanding browsing experience across all kinds of devices.

4. Multiple storefronts with single back-end-

Generally, eCommerce sites have just one website under a single set up. But, with Magento, things are different. Magento gives its users the capabilities of specific and also an independent website for various categories of products. Magento users have the ability to run multiple websites through a single back end system, allowing users to attribute multiple looks and designs for every website that will attract customers.

5. SEO-friendliness-

Developers can make Magento sites Seo-friendly because sites developed on Magento are easily customizable. Users can alter meta-tags, URLs, descriptions, categories, content, keywords and other similar features. Magento also comes with Google and HTML sitemaps that makes crawling easier for the Google bots, and helps in highlighting them at the top of the web page.

Also, Magento offers a highly flexible API, allowing its users to integrate various kinds of applications as well as plugins according to their choice; along with features like web analytics, tracking, shipping, and payment gateways.

6. Flexible and Scalable-

Statistics reveal that the top 1 million sites, including shopping sites, business sites, technology and automobile related sites, are designed using Magento. So many websites across the internet opt for Magento owing to its highly flexible and scalable solutions. The Magento eCommerce websites can seamlessly adapt to any new extensions or customized features. Also, there are several companies that have opted for Magento as their CMS Platform.

7. RMA-

Return Material Authorization (RMA) is when profit margin is not contributed directly. RMA cuts down from it if it is not delivered accurately. With Magento, you can RMA as an extension that is extensively flexible, allowing you to design a business model. Magento’s return extension offers multiple options to accommodate your customers in any and every RMA scenario.

8. Enhanced Customer Experience-

A well-designed and well-maintained site helps eCommerce businesses to reach out to their target audiences. With Magento, business owners can offer to their consumers, a chance to experience great functionalities, helping to boost the owner’s business. Magento also offers easy, fast and secure payment process, and more specialized features for eCommerce sites.

9. Single-step Checkout-

Magento offers a single-step checkout process, wherein the customers can complete all the transaction details and processes within a single page, saving the crucial time of the customers. Users can easily avail this feature from the Magento Store by integrating One-step checkout extension.

10. Multilanguage Configuration-

Magento’s easy customization menus even allow the option to adapt to different languages, allowing users to launch promotional campaigns both nationally as well as internationally. Magento eCommerce reviews show how suitable users find Magento because of its configuration settings.

11. Magento Community-

Magento is a go-to choice for eCommerce website owners because of its dedication to the Magento Community. This massive community comes with dedicated Magento developers, bloggers, programmers, product and project managers, CEOs, etc. all over the world. If a developer is facing any issue with a Magento eCommerc e site, he/she can take help from the trusted Magento Community, who can offer proper guidelines and fixes for a specific issue.

12. Superior Support-

The support operations are an integral part for any business. Hence, when it comes to Magento for eCommerce sites, the technical support team holds a place of critical importance. Magento keeps coming up with additions in terms of security, support and stability, all across the year. The active Magento community and the Magento support team improve the platform such that it can offer better user experience, time and again. Also, hiring a Magento website development company for support purposes has become a common practice.

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Wrap up:

This blog speaks about the top reasons that compel business owners to opt for Magento as an eCommerce platform. Beginning from a massive community to superior support; from scalability to flexibility, Magento stands out to be the best eCommerce solution for you. You can always go for a web development company in India to get your work done.

Several merchants and developers give a lot of importance to Magento when it comes to advanced eCommerce platforms. Developers love Magento because they can do almost anything to offer the features the clients ask for. Merchants love Magento because of the wide range of out-of-the-box functionalities and features that it provides. We hope you have the answer to your question i.e. Why is Magento better than other eCommerce systems?hire magento developers - Aryston

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